Further Resources


The Organization for Transformative Works

Transformative Works & Cultures

the metafandom community

Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins

Ephemeral Traces – Kristina Busse

Karen Hellekson


hradzka. “Plotting, how I does it. How does you?” (2007)

synecdochic. “Point of View: whose story *is* this, anyway?” (2007) and “Structure, Complexity, and Hidden Themes: or, ‘Help, there’s a novel in my short story!'” (2007)

amadi. “Warnings & How to Do ‘Em.” (2009)

penknife. “Headers, or the only way to judge a book by its cover.” (2009)

lothy. “Summaries: a guide to writing them.” (2009)


heresluck and cereta. “The Language of Vidding.” (2004)

permetaform. “Vidding for Newbies” (2004) and “Big Huge List of Vidding Meta” (2005)

obsessive24. “5 random notes about my vidding.” (2010)

kuwdora. [vid meta]: How I learned to shut up and love the cam rip… except I haven’t. (2011)

thingswithwings. Vidding Procedural: .dvs, .m2vs, Final Cut settings, and what I’ve learned from trying to demux.” (2010)

lim. “Ten Things I Know.” (2008)

talitha78. “Seven Things I Know About Vidding.” (2008)

sol_se. “Vidding on LJ.” (2007, updated 2011)

thuviaptarth. “Vidding: background reading.” (2010)

cupidsbow. “The Gumby’s Guide to Vidding.” (2009)


Isis. “Isis’ guide to recording awesome podfic.” (2007)

the podficmeta community

podklb. “Podfic Feedback Toolbox: 5 ways to give great podfic feeback.” (2011)


freifraufischer. “Professional Lesbians…and Fanfic.” (2009)

asimaiyat. “Writing about polyamory in fandom.” (2010)

zvi_likes_tv. “Pro-Character of Color/Anti-Racism Guide.” (2007)


synecdochic. “Why do you think the ‘net was born? porn, porn, porn!” (2007)

cupidsbow. “The Formula for Writing Sex Scenes.” (2006)

Resonant. “How to Write a Sex Scene.” (2005)

dagas_isa. “Five Ways to Write Femslashy Porn.” (2010)


sineala. “A Crash Course in Linguistics for Star Trek Fen.” (2009)

ravenclawwit. “The Court Librarian: A List of Arthurian Reference Materials and Resources for Writers.” (2009)

minisinoo. “HP Meta: Some things about Magic and Religion in (North) American Native Tradition. (2006)



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