Final Project

This assignment will mirror Essay 2 in its format: you will be required to create a transformative work with the same basic requirements as well as write a critical analysis of your process and decisions that cites sources from our course reading.

However, instead of using a published source text, you will be transforming the work created by one of your classmates for the first assignment. The assignments will be made by me and must be kept secret until the presentation of your works, emulating the practices of gift exchange and remix communities in fandom. Once again, the medium of your work may be anything that is narrative in nature, particularly fic, podfic, vids, or comics. If your medium is the same as the medium of the original work, you must employ certain rules of “remixing” that we have discussed in class. Most importantly it must cover some of the original work specifically, not merely act as a prequel or sequel.

For this final project, the length requirements are as follows: fanfic must be at least 2500 words, vids must be at least 3:00 minutes, a comic or narrative series of fanart must have at least 15 panels/pieces, and a podfic must be a recording of the entire original fic. (See me to discuss other forms of media.) Your accompanying essay must be 2000-2500 words. You will also do a 5-7 presentation for the class of your final product.

Please fill out the following survey to help me match up partners:

  1. With which of the following fandoms are you at all familiar? [List of fandoms used by students in the first assignment]
  2. Would you prefer to work within a certain identity/identification category? If so, which one?
  3. What medium would you prefer your source work to be?
  4. What medium will you most likely be using for your work?

Please note that due to the size of this class, it may not be possible for me to match up any of your preferences to your assignment, but I will try my best. Also, the last question is merely to fulfill my own curiosity: you are more than welcome to change your medium once you find out your assignment.

See the resources page for how-tos and primers.


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