Essay 2

This assignment will involve two parts:

1. Creating a transformative fanwork.

This must draw on some kind of “published” source text, be it film, television, literature, comics and graphic novels, music, theater, or any other form of media. (Exceptions may be made for fiction based on “real” people that would produce Real Person Fiction, as long as the idea is well-developed and falls within certain parameters – please meet with me to discuss this before you decide on your topic.) The work must fall under at least one of the following “categories” of identity/identification: slash, femslash, het, gen, poly, ace, or transfic. Additional identifications may be employed if desired. The transformative work does not have to be sexual in nature (though it certainly may be!), but you must be aware of the choices you make regarding sexuality in the work.

The medium of fanwork is entirely up to you, as long as it is narrative in nature. There will be different length requirements depending on the medium: fanfic must be at least 2000 words, a vid must be at least 2 minutes, and a comic/series of narrative artworks must have at least 10 panels or “pieces”. Please note that while the option to write fic may seem the “easiest”, there will not be any extra points given for merely choosing an alternate medium, as different people feel more comfortable with certain types of media that others don’t. Furthermore you will not be graded on the “quality” of the piece – that is to say, the style or characterizations – but on your ability to make coherent choices regarding sexuality and articulate them.

2. Analyzing your creative process and themes of sexuality. Write an essay of 1000-1500 words analyzing and describing the choices you made regarding sexuality. Did you choose to make your work explicitly sexual or romantic? Why or why not? Why did you choose to focus on certain aspects of the original source text (including characters, relationships, themes, locations, cultures, etc)? How would you analyze the characteristics of your work that allow it to fall under its identity/identification category? Cite at least four of the sources we have discussed in class, one of which must be a “formal academic source”. If you cite a fanwork as a source, please explain why.


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